Photonics21 “#next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest”

Any person active in the field of optics and photonics, may apply for the "#next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest". Photonics21 established a dedicated Innovation Challenge to push for more entrepreneurship in photonics.

It addresses PhD students, master students and makers alike who have an idea for a photonics product that can transform into a real business. Download also the contest announcement for more information.

Applicants should read carefully the rules for the Photonics21 "#next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest".

The conditions for eligibility are:

  1. The product is not on the market yet
  2. The idea has potential for application in industry
  3. The idea is innovative
  4. The idea is presented in English
  5. Submissions may be entered by individuals or teams

The applicants must submit the following material which serve as the criteria by which the work will be judged

  1. Make a short, max 2 minute video that demonstrates the uniqueness of your idea and the added value it will have for integrators or end-users. Be creative and keep your message clear. Do not hesitate to use visuals or simulation to present your idea, prototype or product.
  2. Upload the video below and fill in the application form.

Further details of the rules and conditions are given here.

The material must be received by the Photonics21 Secretariat by the closing date of 27th April 2018 @23:59 GMT

Upload your video and sign up for the contest:

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We take care of your private materials and generally, we only make them available to the judges and organizers. While we suggest to the judges and organizers that they do not share your materials, we have no way to enforce this. The organizing committee will not arbitrate any disputes over judges' or organizers' handling of entries.

CLOSING DATE for 2018 Photonics21 "#next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest" is 27th April 2018 @23:59 GMT